My Lady, Please Become My Heroine! : PROLOGUE

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Translator: Rhyme_Bean
Editor: Emme

Inside the gently shaking subway train, a person, desolate and withdrawn to herself, was seated. Her face showed every trace of tiredness. The first train at dawn was almost empty most of the time. Even if there were people, they were only drunkards who messed around in confusion.

*Start of a monologue*

Amongst these people I sat, without anyone’s company. My hair was disheveled and I wore a loose hoodie. Anyone could tell that I was just exhausted, not drunk.

Today wasn’t any different. My colleague, also a part-timer like me, bunked off all of a sudden. As a result, I was made to substitute that person too. Consequently, I had to work hard till the sunrise to complete both of our jobs. It doesn’t matter, though… I have lived like this ever since I graduated from college. 

I was made to work overtime every single day, but today was an especially exhausting one. We had a strange customer and I had a difficult time trying to shoo him off. I had to use every ounce of my strength to keep myself awake.

“Let me see….”

I was totally fatigued and would have given anything for a moment of sleep. But then, I might have missed my stop and be late for the part-time job later in the morning.

That’s when I noticed that a spin-off of the romance fantasy novel I used to read had been released. I thought that I could keep myself awake by reading the novel.

The massive shadow tilted. A man with a hideous appearance laughed mockingly at the Crown Prince, Arthur, who was stuck between the rebels.

“Hmm… Claire used to be a good villainess… She also had a strong personality…”

After the novel’s main antagonist, Claire, was punished for her crimes by being jailed, the author had to introduce a new character to replace her. The character, with a stable background, appeared only in a few chapters and there was already an overflow of comments.

‘At least, this new change will make the readers happy.’

Subplot or whatever, it never was a concern to me. The only reason I had indulged in a romance fantasy novel was to see the female protagonist lead a happy and contend life.

Anyway, the world in the novel was fantastic. The isekai novels that were released recently had likeable background, settings and characters. The person getting reincarnated as the villainess was loved by all and in the end, the original protagonist turned out to be the actual villain.

E/n: How accurate.

I envied them. Their situation was so contrasting compared to my pathetic life. I had studied to death for 4 years to graduate from college, but what remained were student loans, unemployment and the reality of chronic fatigue…

…And this was my very last memory.

I died a futile death due to over-exhaustion in the first train of dawn.

*  *  *

The bedcover fluttered in the breeze.

‘We have a favorable weather today, just the perfect kind to hang the laundry.’

I watched as the bedcover fluttered in the softly whistling wind with my light green eyes.

There were a number of maids besides me, walking along carrying big baskets of laundry. Each of them was clad in a black one piece with a white apron and their hair was tied together and covered with a white cloth.

These were the newly hired maids of Earl Gordon’s estate.


As I was gazing at the fluttering bed sheets, a maid with a face splashed with freckles, called out to me. This woman seemed to be one of the new recruits.


*End of monologue*

Beth replied to Julia with an indifferent expression and tone. Julia was accustomed to this sort of reply, so she dismissed it with a laugh. One could see that she was hiding something in her pocket.

“Ta-da Guess what I have -”


“Aiya, what a bland response!”

To be precise, it was not simple bread. It was the White Bread only nobles had the luxury to eat. In case you were caught stealing them, it would not just end with being fired… Beth’s eyes twitched as she pondered over this fact. Julia laughed yet again, as if she had read Beth’s thoughts.

“The owner said that it was okay to share it among ourselves. Actually, you are wrong about one thing.”

“I know, not only nobles, even commoners can have this bread.”

Of course. Commoners could have as many as they want only if they had the cash to obtain them, Beth thought. Although, from what she had learnt, the best businesses in the streets took place in the bakeries where they forged the White Bread and sold it for cheaper rates.

The only person who held grudges was the Old Master of the estate who was annoyed to see the people who worked for him enjoying the same comforts as he did. Beth deliberately didn’t utter these words as she calmly watched the joyful Julia.

Julia wasn’t aware of Beth’s thoughts. She carefully scrutinized the surroundings and hurriedly put the bread into Beth’s pocket.

“If the other maids come to know that I am only taking care of you, they’ll be very upset, so… let’s keep this secret between us.”

Julia winked at her and Beth nodded in reply.

‘Why was she winking, though?’

Beth couldn’t comprehend the reason as to why Julia was being nice to her. Perhaps it was because she was her roommate. Yet there were two other maids who shared the same room, apart from her. Plus, they were even more friendly and approachable. But for some reason, Julia seemed to favor Beth the most.

Julia talked so much that Beth was exasperated.

“What are you planning to do once you finish the duties?”

Beth watched Julia with her dull eyes and answered as usual.

“I want to take a nap, alone.”

“Of course.”

What was the point in asking all these? The same conversation and questions repeated day after day.

The washed cloths in the basket were being hung on the empty space one by one.

“Beth is really deft in handling these jobs,” Julia said admiringly.

Beth always wore a tedious expression on her face but was even more diligent compared to the other maids. She had said that she only had a brief experience working in an inn when she first joined the maids.

Nevertheless, all of her colleagues who had joined a month before her were rather surprised to see Beth working like a pro.

It had not been a week since she was hired to the mansion. Beth was not aware of it, but even the Head Maid was keeping an eye on her.

The sunlight reflected on her green eyes and hazel hair, giving a golden tinge to it. She had a peerless appearance and was a meticulous worker. Beth was a person who was envied by all. Be it dish washing, laundry or even altering dresses, she had expertise in all the fields. Above all, she strictly abided by the rules and regulations.

Beth rechecked the tongs clipped on the clothes, straightened the wrinkles and folds and only then did she nod her head in satisfaction.

This job had to be done very carefully. After completing her duties in a satisfactory manner, Beth’s temperament changed. It seemed to be her nature. She looked relaxed and refreshed, only while doing the chores.

“Beth is definitely a promising maid!”

“Give me a break…”

She walked into her room carrying the empty basket and threw it aside, her expression dreary. Her actions were swift and continuous, as if she had done this many times. Julia was used to seeing this hence she did not stop Beth.

The fact was, these baskets were arranged in order to form a small mount. When Beth first threw the basket so nonchalantly, Julia was shocked but after watching it neatly landing in the pile every single day, Julia got used to it. Moreover, nobody in the estate seemed to have any qualms about Beth’s strange actions.

As for Beth, she was confident that she could accomplish it from the very beginning.

“I’m going to take a siesta.”

“Hmm… You have to come back before supper, okay?

Today, the whole family would have dinner together in the Earl’s mansion.

‘No, not the whole family…,’ Beth thought. She leaned back her head and answered: “I will make it in time.”

Once Beth felt that Julia was out of topics to converse about, she left the place stealthily and walked towards a secluded area. She sauntered into a rarely used path which led to the backyard of a building. This place was difficult to find and Beth had to make her way through densely growing bushes. All of a sudden, she reached a clearing.

Walking past the noisy drill area and the large mossy rock, one would reach the tower. Its door was left unguarded. Perhaps, they thought that it wasn’t worth it.

Beth warily opened the door.


The door was never once polished, so it made a loud noise even while opening. Even though Beth had often used this door, she wasn’t used to the ruckus it created.

The tower had been a warehouse once. Floor upon floor, there was nothing to see but piles of debris. Beth passed the numerous storerooms and finally arrived at the top floor.

Knock Knock

Beth was aware that she wouldn’t be answered but merely knocked out of courtesy.

“I am coming in.”

This door was no different than the other doors in the tower – it made a strange, creaking sound every time she opened it. Fortunately, it wasn’t covered with layers and layers of dust.

The room was not very filthy either. Yet, it seemed worn out with age and in it, a small girl was present. Although very young, she was a ravishing beauty and somehow looked saintly to Beth.

Unlike Beth’s golden brown, which shined more brightly under the sun, this child’s hair was a brilliant blond which could even light up darkness. She had opal eyes, which changed color according to the direction of the light.

The girl watched curiously as the woman cleared the perimeter and entered through the door.

T/N: For the girl, she can’t go beyond the room, so when she sees Beth coming in, it’s akin to Beth passing through a border.


“Yes, its Beth, Young Miss.”

As Beth was announcing her arrival, the girl who was called ‘Young Miss’ rushed to her side and hugged her warmly. Beth’s eyebrows knitted, feeling the girl’s thin limbs.

Once Beth was released, the Young Miss surveyed her with the usual tranquil expression.

But, unlike the previous times, the corners of her lips were slightly raised into a small smile.

“I have brought a piece of bread with me. Miss, if you are feeling hungry, please have it.”


Beth took out the white bread from her pocket, the one which Julia had offered her.

“Soft bread!”

“Yes, this is called White Bread, Miss.”

Beth sat down beside the little girl on the floor. The girl looked at her, as if pondering over something. She then proceeded to divide the bread into two and handed over a piece to Beth.


“It was originally Beth’s, so Beth ought to have a share too.”

Such a kind, considerate and… pitiful Young Miss.

Beth looked at the girl, her eyes filled with concern.

The Young Miss was the only daughter of the Earl mansion. She also happened it be the one to hamper the family’s daily flow of routines.

“Thank You.”

The child stroked Beth’s head affectionately. This was actually an improper conduct but there was none to stop her and also… she liked the feeling of the warm touch.

Claire Gordon.

This very girl had grown to become the villainess in the novel Beth had read in her previous life.

Hence, Beth took a firm decision. She would change the destiny of this lovely Young Miss, no matter what.

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