Rebirth of a Star General: Chapter 20

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Translator: Casse Choco
Editor: marchmallow

He Yun Sheng stood in front of He Yan, blocking Fan Cheng from approaching her.

Fan Cheng was a little surprised.

This pair of siblings had always had a bad relationship. He and He Yan had known each other for a very long time and he had almost never seen an occasion where both of them appeared at the same time. Even if it happened once, at that time, both of them were arguing with each other.

But now, when he took a look at both of them, they didn’t seem to be arguing, but rather, He Yun Sheng was protecting He Yan. Did something happen between the two of them that he didn’t know about?

He turned his attention to He Yan again, and she also stared at him, her clear eyes were full of frankness, without much affection, and it didn’t look like she had any feelings left for him in her heart.

Fan Cheng took another step forward and asked with some concern and anxiety, “I heard that you were seriously ill a few days ago. I wonder if you are feeling okay now… would you like me to buy you some supplements? What do you like? I think you seem to be thinner, hence I don’t feel at ease.”

This man was quite good-looking, well-dressed, and quite passionate. If the original He Yan was here, then she was afraid that she would have been touched by him.

He Yan hadn’t had time to speak yet, when He Yun Sheng forestalled her, afraid that she would be moved by Fan Cheng’s few words and said, “Don’t listen to the nonsense that he is spouting! Don’t forget who caused you to be seriously ill, and the words they said at the door of the Fan family! This man is a liar! A cheat!”

He Yan had heard He Yun Sheng say this before. When the original He Yan learnt that her sweetheart would marry his wife, she went to ask for an explanation from him. As a result, she wasn’t even allowed to enter the household as she was directly swept aside by the Fan family servants in front of the door, not even catching a glimpse of Fan Cheng’s face.

Fan Cheng hated He Yan for wanting too many things in his heart, but he didn’t show any of the hatred on his face and continued explaining himself, “It was my parents’ decision. This matter was set by my parents for me, I have no right to choose. You should know who is in your heart, so why listen to outsiders?”

“Who did you call an outsider?!” He Yun Sheng was furious, “I’m her brother! What is your relationship with her? Don’t even think about taking advantage of her!”

He Yan patted He Yun Sheng’s shoulder and motioned him to calm down. She then turned to Fan Cheng and said, “Thank you, Fan gongzi for coming, but I am no longer sick. In the last few days, it was just a matter of a cold.”

Fan Cheng didn’t expect her to say so and he suddenly was at a loss for words.

“Whatever happened in the past has already turned into a cloud of smoke. You have now been married and have your own family. It is really inappropriate for a woman to be so close to a man, and it will upset your wife. In the future, let’s not have anything to do with each other and never meet again.”

He Yan thoughtfully said this, which did not hurt the face of the young man. Looking at He Yun Sheng, he seemed to be satisfied with her remarks.

Fan Cheng looked at He Yan carefully.

Speaking of which, he and He Yan had met totally by chance.

In all fairness, He Yan was pretty but without brains. There were many people of this kind around here. He Yan was only interested in his family background and wanted to live a life of comfort. When the fat meat was delivered directly to his mouth, there was no reason for him to not accept it. Fan Cheng thought that it was good to take her in as his concubine based on her appearance.

Who knew that He Yan was so ambitious and arrogant that she was aiming for the position of his main wife?

How could he marry the daughter of a drill field officer? He Yan was delusional, but in order to deceive her, Fan Cheng also kept on coaxing her, sending her some valuable cosmetics and jewellery which made her ecstatic.

Who knew that when He Yan learned that he was about to marry a wife, she would go to his house to kick up a tantrum? His married wife was Cheng Lang’s eldest daughter. If Cheng Lang knew that, they might have cancelled the marriage. So Fan Cheng told his servants to deal with He Yan.

Even after he learned that He Yan was very sad at that time and even tried to kill herself in front of the door of his house, he was too lazy to care about her. Afterwards, he married his wife and everything went well.

After his newly-married phase was over, Fan Cheng reverted back to his old self. But his new wife was very fierce and he was tightly controlled. He could not go to brothels like before. Even a few of his concubines were dismissed. At that time, Fan Cheng started to miss He Yan.

He Yan’s temperament was different from his fierce wife. She was easy to coax, although sometimes he needed to give her gifts and play cute. Fan Cheng asked some of his people to go to He Yan’s place only to know that she was seriously ill after she left the Fan Manor that day. After she recovered, she often didn’t go out alone. She and her brother occasionally went Zui Yu Restaurant to sell Da Nai cakes.

He didn’t expect to meet them here.

He Yan seemed to be different from before.

He noticed that her expression was not as pleasing and charming as it used to be, and she was kind of speaking frankly. Still the same eyebrows, but with a little more vitality, along with a bit of heroism that was not there before. It was this kind of heroism that made her beautiful face seem very different. Even the polite smile on her lips made people unable to blink their eyes and keep staring.

“You’re still mad at me.” Fan Cheng said glumly.

He was sure that He Yan was also interested in him. She used to like him a lot before, how could she suddenly have no feelings for him? As long as he apologized to her and gave her some gifts, she would forgive him. For a woman like her, it was more than enough for him to persuade her by saying a few sugar-coated words. He could swear to the heavens and she would even die for him.

He Yan didn’t know what was going through Fan Cheng’s mind. She had already expressed everything clearly to him. She turned back and asked the old tailor, “Has the size been measured?”

The old tailor nodded and said yes.

“This is the deposit,” He Yan put the money on the desk, “When will it be done?”

“Twenty days later, spring and summer clothes will be done. But winter clothes will take more time, a little more than a month.”

“Okay.” He Yan smiled, “We’ll be here twenty days later to take it, please make it more fashionable.” She pointed to He Yun Sheng and said, “Little children love pretty things.”

“Who loves pretty things?!” He Yun Sheng immediately became indignant.

The old tailor smiled and nodded his head again.

He Yan and He Yun Sheng strode out of the tailor shop after bidding Fan Cheng farewell.

When Fan Cheng wanted to say something, He Yan had already walked away, but He Yun Sheng turned his head, and secretly waved his fist, his eyes full of warning.

“Oh.” Fan Cheng sneered.

“Young master, Miss He Yan, this time to you…” The servant was very upset.

 “No problem.” Fan Cheng waved his hand, “She is just a little angry.”

Today’s He Yan was very different from the past one. Fan Cheng suddenly thought that he had spent so much time on her, but in fact, he had never taken advantage of her.

How could he let something that was already his escape from his grasp? Since they met here today, why not continue and do good things together?

Fan Cheng’s face broke into a victorious smile.

E/N: It’s a bit mean to be reborn.

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