Rebirth of a Star General: Chapter 23

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Translator: Casse Choco
Editor: SilverAnd Gold

The capital was not a small place, and it was not a simple matter to find someone.

Nowadays, however, as the concubines had all been dismissed, Fan gongzi did not dare go to the brothels, thus, there were very few places that he went to everyday. Soon, Fan gongzi‘s secret was discovered by Tang Ying. 

“Unreasonable!” Tang Ying slammed the tea cup that she held in her hands on the table, “When both families were discussing the marriage, he had an affair with an outside woman. This man simply does not have me in his eyes. My brother had told me before that this person was unreliable, and now it has been proven true.”

“Madam, be at ease,” said the maid, “The young master still does not dare bring the woman into the house, which shows that there are still some scruples. It’s because this woman knows how to control a man’s heart, which is why the young master made a mistake. Now, the madam and the young master are newly married couple. And this matter has attracted other’s jealousy.”

“Then what do you think I should do?” Tang Ying asked angrily.

“It’s better to start with this woman, but she’s just the daughter of a drill field officer, and it’s beneath madam to handle her…”

“You are right.” Tang Ying calmed down after a while, “She is just a lowly woman, but she is delusional to think that she can marry into the Fan family and become a wife. I will meet her in person.”

He Yan, on the other hand, had no idea about these twists and turns that took place in the Fan family. She thought about how to take care of the paperwork at the conscription office so that she could teach herself, in order to enter the barracks and go to Liang Zhou.

He Yun Sheng and He Sui could not be notified about the situation and for this she needed to find a good excuse. If she said that she wanted more achievements——they would think she had gone crazy. If she said revenge… forget it, it still wouldn’t work.

She tossed and turned around in bed while she thought how similar the matter was when she had previously run away from home. That night, there was no moon and the wind was fast.

She knew that the conscription would come to end in the next two days, so if the documents were not filled in properly, she would lose this chance. 

As she thought about it, Qing Mei came in carrying a cake in her hands, and was shocked to see He Yan tossing and turning in the bed, “Young miss, you have been lying in the bed since noon, did you eat something bad? This servant will quickly go and find someone to take a look at Miss.”

“It’s okay.” He Yan waved her hand, “It’s just that I am bored.”

Not to mention, when He Yun Sheng was at home, it would be very noisy. Now that he went to school, He Yan felt bored. Even if she practised martial arts in the house, it still did not relieve her boredom. He Yan felt that people were really strange.

She lived in the Xu family house for a whole year and she used to feel lonely, but she was already used to it. But after she came here, she was accustomed to having He Yun Sheng around her, and now that she was alone for more than a month, she felt forlorn.

It was probably only He Yun Sheng whom she could say this about.

He Yan turned over and said to Qing Mei, “I am going out for a while.”

“Where is the young miss going? This servant will accompany you.” Qing Mei said hurriedly.

“It’s okay. I’m going to get He Yun Sheng’s clothes at the tailor shop.” He Yan replied. It had already been twenty days. He Yun Sheng’s summer and spring clothes should be ready. Since He Yun Sheng was at the school, she wanted to help him pick it up.

Before she left, she glanced at the conscription notice on the table, and after musing for a moment, she slid the notice in her sleeves, without knowing why she wanted to do this.

A long time later, in the future, when He Yan recalled this scene today, she only felt that fate was very mysterious. Since she picked up the notice, the wheels of fate overturned the clouds and rains, and swept her into the game again.

It was already afternoon, and the weather was good. He Yan reached the tailor shop with the help of her memory. The old tailor in the shop recognized He Yan when she came in and smiled at her, “You are finally here. These clothes are ready. The boy didn’t come today?”

“He went to school.” He Yan smiled, as she handed over the remaining silver, “Master is good at craftsmanship.”

The spring and summer clothes are beautifully sewn, the style is simple and the material is also light weight and would look elegant on He Yun Sheng when he wears this, He Yan thought. He Yun Sheng would definitely like it. She folded the two pieces of clothes and placed them in the bag before stepping out of the tailor shop. Just as she stepped out, a strange maid came forward.

“Are you Miss He Yan?”

Did I meet yet another acquaintance of the original owner of this body? He Yan sighed in her heart, but since He Yun Sheng was not around, she did not know who this person was.

“Exactly.” He Yan tried to make herself look more natural.

The maid smiled and said, “My lady is just around here. I wanted to invite you to talk about something with my lady.”

Your lady? He Yan thought for a moment. She was not the real He Yan, and if that person was an old acquaintance of the original He Yan, she may expose herself. After she decided, she declined the maid’s offer, “It would be inconvenient for me today. Is it fine if we meet another day?”

The maid was embarrassed, “This servant cannot decide anything about this matter, please come with me to see my lady. It won’t take a lot of time and my lady wants to talk about something important with you.”

In this life, He Yan was most afraid of the getting the He family into any sort of danger because of her. The maid looked so embarrassed that He Yan felt like she was causing trouble for her, so her heart couldn’t help but soften. When she heard that the other person wanted to talk about something important, He Yan’s heart jumped up, thinking, If it really is an important matter then what can I do if I don’t know anything about it?

After He Yan struggled for a moment, she said, “Well… I’ll go with you. But I still have something to do and thus won’t be able to stay for long.”

“Don’t worry.” The maid replied.

The maid led the way and He Yan gazed at the maid in front of her. Although this woman claimed to be a servant and even had the appearance of one, her garments were of high quality, and even the jewelry that she wore did not look ordinary. At the very least, the maid of an ordinary family could not be like her. Either she was the maid of a big family, or the maid of a rich lady. But, according to He Yan, she could be both.

As she was thinking, He Yan found out that they had arrived at a small alley.

“Your lady is here?” He Yan asked.

“Our lady has a house here but she rarely lives here.” The maid continued to speak with a smile, “Occasionally, the nearby restaurant holds little banquets here.”

Oh…it really is a big family. Even the members had their own houses. He Yan was speechless in her heart. If He Yun Sheng knew this, he would probably be envious for a long time.

“It’s here.” The maid stopped in front of a house.

The house was not big and even looked a bit old. There were no people around this street——not even a gatekeeper stood at the door. 

He Yan went in after the maid, after she passed the garden, the maid brought her in a hall. After she came here, the maid suddenly dropped her gentle façade and said coldly to the other person in the hall, “Madam, this servant has brought that person here.”

He Yan raised her head and her eyes came in contact with an angry face.

“You are He Yan?”

This didn’t look like a meeting between old friends.

“I am, and you are…?”

“I am the eldest daughter of Cheng Wu Lang and the wife of Fan Cheng.” The lady replied fiercely with a sneer.

He Yan realized what was going on in an instant and she secretly sighed in her heart while she looked at the maid.

This lady seemed to have misunderstood something.

What kind of sin had she committed in her previous life to be reborn as a rotten peach girl?

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