Awakened as a Fine Female Cannon Fodder: Chapter 1

Translation: Shirocchi
Edits: Emme


“Huo Wei, apologize.”

The low voice it was uttered with contained evident anger. Huo Wei raised her head to see the young and brilliant person, whose look was somewhat similar to her, who was currently talking to her. From what she had learned from her memories, this was the original owner’s twin brother. 

She looked at the young girl who was guarded by her brother’s side. She was pretty and lively, with a pair of quick-witted eyes which hid a slight glint that came from taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune. She was covering the skin at the back of her hand that had suffered from a little abrasion.

Zhao Sijia met Huo Wei’s gaze for a moment, before hastily putting away the emotions that she shouldn’t have. She touched Huo Ming’s arm, “Forget it, Huo Wei didn’t do this intentionally. I’m fine.”

Zhao Sijia’s thoughtfulness made Huo Ming even more angry. He stared at Huo Wei, and said in a deep voice, “Even after you pushed her down, Sijia is still willing to intercede for you. You, on the other hand? You wouldn’t even utter an apology. When did you become so unreasonable? I think you need to carefully introspect yourself.”

Huo Wei’s head throbbed painfully. Even if she had stood still, she couldn’t get rid of the feeling of dizziness. There was still an indistinct feel of nausea, the source of which wasn’t clear in her chaotic jumble of memories. And for the life of her, she couldn’t figure out the situation that was unfolding before her. 

But she instinctively resisted from uttering an apology, and a rush of anger surged up  her heart. She couldn’t help but ask, “You don’t even ask for my side of the story first. Who exactly is your sister?”

These words were perceived as obstinate and willful when it fell into Huo Ming’s ears. He saw Huo Wei pushing Zhao Sijia with his own pair of eyes, how could he misunderstand her? Is it just because they were brother and sister that he must help her?

Huo Ming looked at his younger sister who was getting more and more unreasonable, before coldly saying, “You should stay here and calm down for awhile. When you’ve realized what you did wrong, return home!” 

After he finished talking, he didn’t give Huo Wei a chance to speak, taking Zhao Sijia’s wrist instead before turning his body and leaving. 

Zhao Sijia glanced back uneasily, and said hesitantly, “Isn’t this bad? It’s still some distance away from the highway. If you don’t have a car, you have to walk, besides it’s raining too.”

Huo Ming remained unmoved, “Let her walk and suffer a bit. Maybe the rain can help her clear her mind. The rain is not too heavy, so don’t worry about her. You were always being bullied by her because you were too good. You can’t let her get used to being so self-willed.”

Once the two walked far away, Huo Wei couldn’t hear their voices and could only see a smug smile tugging at the corner of Zhao Sijia’s mouth, as if she was laughing and saying “serves you right”. Her brother, Huo Ming, didn’t turn back even once, and continued to stead-fastly plough his way forward. 

Huo Wei glanced around, and there was no one but them in the dense woods. In all honesty, she was really dizzy and moved two steps aside to support herself on a big tree. This movement caused an unbearable pain to flare up in her right ankle, which was most likely sprained when she slipped and fell.

She sat on the ground before gently moving her ankles. Taking a deep breath, and with difficulty suppressing the resentment in her heart, she tentatively called out, “System?”

“Host, the memory of the original owner of this body has been completely transmitted. You can view it at any time.”

Huo Wei breathed a sigh of relief when she heard a response, but was puzzled to find that she had no memory of the times before she had bound the system.

She hurriedly asked the system of this. It turned out that when she had entered this world, her memory of the main world was sealed. Only the first transmigration would cause your memory to be sealed, the next time she transversed it wouldn’t be sealed again. This way, she would not keep thinking about her original world, and be able to keep concentrating when on transmigrating again and again and completing her mission. After she had completed all her tasks and returned to her main world, the memory of the main world would be automatically unblocked.

The system said that she had agreed to these terms before. A semi-transparent virtual panel appeared in front of her, showing the agreement contract signed between her and the system. It was probably afraid that there would be something in her main world that would affect her emotions and thus affect the performance of her task.

She unconsciously did not want to worry about the matter of her memory lost, as if completing the tasks were more important than those memories.

Huo Wei simply followed her feelings, she no longer wanted to think of the things that had happened previously.

She remembered the task that she was given. The system said that some of the novel plots aroused readers’ resentment in her world. One of them was the female canon fodder, who was supposed to be constantly looking for trouble till the very end while trying to beat the female protagonist. Initially, the conditions between the two of them were clearly good, but with one strike of the hand, it was all smashed into pieces. The tragic end caused resentment amongst the readers, due to her failing to meet the expectations. Either you should try to overturn the female protagonist, or just sit prettily by the side. Why were you trying to do both and trying this foolish attempt at manipulation?

Huo Wei’s task was to transmigrate as the female cannon fodder, counterattack and turn the tables, and live out a wonderful life. Perhaps there were other characters in the book that readers loved, so her task was to help them out too.

Every time she completed a quest, she could draw a card to get precious rewards, and after all the worlds were completed, she would return to the main world and obtain the reward she wanted the most.

She leaned her head back against the tree trunk. The drizzle of raindrop was blocked by the dense foliage above her head, there were practically no water drops that soaked her body. While rubbing her ankle, she slowly sorted out the plot of this world.

The original owner of this body was also called Huo Wei, this book’s canon fodder who was always looking for trouble. Huo Ming, who had just left a moment ago, and Zhao Sijia are the male and female protagonists.   

The original owner was 24 years old this year and had just graduated from university with an average academic performance. She loved to have fun with her friends everywhere. The original owner’s personality was more flamboyant, but not malicious. She was just very blunt when talking to others – the trait of the child of a millionaire, with no distinct point of advantageous merits.

Her elder brother, Huo Ming, was completely different from her. Huo Ming was born smarter than others. He skipped a grade and completed his university studies at the age of 18. He learned how to manage the Huo family business. In the eyes of the original owner of the body, his life was very dull and boring, but Huo Ming Huo had no interest in anything other than work, that was, until he met Zhao Sijia a year ago.

Zhao Sijia’s parents and Huo Wei’s father, Huo Ting Wei, were close friends. Zhao Sijia’s father died young and her mother was seriously ill. In order to afford her treatment, she owed more than 100,000 foreign debts. When her mother was approaching her end, she was worried about her daughter and gave her a letter asking her to come to Huo Tingwei.

When Zhao Sijia went to the Huo family to find Huo Tingwei, she was almost hit by Huo Ming’s car, and hence, the attraction began. Afterwards, Huo Tingwei let Zhao Sijia live in the Huo’s house and treated her like his own daughter. He also asked Zhao Sijia to enter the company for an internship and serve as an assistant to Huo Ming. Due to that, the two of them had more opportunities to meet.

Huo Ming no longer cared only about work. He became interested in all kinds of things that Zhao Sijia took interest in. Zhao Sijia took him to the snack street to eat snacks, he changed his suit and went to the cinema with Zhao Sijia to watch movies and eat popcorn. He went to rural tourism areas to dig out vegetables and catch fish using a net.

Huo Ming became energetic, and the Huo family became warm. Two workaholics who often work overtime, had increased the number of times they went home, which by chance happened to coincide with each other. They had more chances to eat as a family. 

The original owner had never seen this side of his father and brother. Though she was their family, it was clear that all their favours were given to Zhao Sijia. They were always cold to her.

The original owner began to become diametrically opposed to Zhao Sijia. From the perspective of the protagonist in the book, the original owner was jealous and unreasonable. The mother of the original owner, Cui Jing, was the only person that would indulge her daughter, and even attack Zhao Sijia with her. They were a pair of superb mother and daughter, wanting to drive Zhao Sijia away.

But from the perspective of the original owner, it was Zhao Sijia who robbed her father and brother away. She was like an outsider in her own home, and she could only watch them treat Zhao Sijia better and better. Her mother helped her by speaking up about these matters to her father, causing him to be provoked and displeased. As a result, the two often had conflicts. She felt that her whole family was falling apart.

Later, her boyfriend also fell in love with Zhao Sijia. Not only did he break up with her, but also accused her for being too narrow-minded and inferior to Zhao Sijia.

Not only had Zhao Sijia destroyed her home, she had destroyed her feelings too. This caused her to loath Zhao Sijia to the core. Everywhere, she looked for trouble for Zhao Sijia’s, but everytime Zhao Sijia easily resolved it, turning the tables, and making other people’s impression of her to become worse and worse, thinking that she had a very ugly character.

The original owner was disliked by her family, and her heart was torched with agony she couldn’t bear. She gradually went to the extremes and became impulsive. In the end,  her scheme to topple Zhao Sijia was unsuccessful. Instead, she suffered from a misfortune, and got an extreme case of paraplegia. She laid on the hospital bed filled with so much grief and she wished she was dead. 

Seeing the current state of her daughter, the mother of the original owner firmly opposed the marriage of Huo Ming and Zhao Sijia and forbade Zhao Sijia to work in the company. As a result, Huo Tingwei divorced her, and Huo Ming no longer recognized her as his mother. She had not done any business for many years, and after six years did she realize that company shares that she had bought had lost their value. Huo Tingwei cunningly gave her all the deficit projects and companies, and she quickly lost all her possessions and property. And there was no evidence to settle the account of Huo Tingwei in the court, so she could only stand in front of her daughter’s hospital bed every day, alone, keeping her daughter company. In the end, in her state of exhaustion, her life ended due to a car accident on the road.

When this novel was first written, readers liked the plot of Zhao Sijia’s story – of being spoiled and doted on by the male protagonist and becoming a wealthy daughter-in-law. In the early state of these kinds of romance revolving around wealthy people, there were almost always vicious mother-in-laws and aunts, and it was so pleasing to see their tragic end. At that time there were a lot of books like this, and these kinds of plots were very popular. But with the development of the times, when readers read this novel, they felt that these contradictions were inexplicable, and this sister-in-law and mother-in-law were a bit miserable.

Even if the female cannon fodder loses her interest in bullying the main character, it’s unlikely that she would look for trouble repeatedly. She was hated so much by others already, so why would she continue to seek death? Only until the final moment when she was paralyzed did she stop and what kind of amazing reduction in intelligence was this?

Besides, the original owner was a genuine Ms. Perfect. What’s wrong with it having to compete with the heroine for the love of the father and brother? It was fine if she insisted on fighting, but at the very least she shouldn’t be so blunt and foolish. It was fine to scheme behind someone’s back and entrap them. 

There was another male partner in the book that the readers sympathized. It was Zhao Sijia’s childhood sweetheart, Lou Xiao. It was not accurate to say that he was a childhood sweetheart just because he was her neighbor for a short while only, before separating. The true reason was, when both of his parents had died, he had no choice but to go to the orphanage. Zhao Sijia’s mother felt sorry for him and gave him some clothes and books several times. Remembering this affection, afterwards when he grew up to become a competent man, he repaid Zhao Sijia.

Lou Xiao lived in hardship during his childhood, and he rarely felt warmth so he attached high importance to any kind of feelings of friendship. Zhao Sijia was not the one who sent him this warmth, yet Zhao Sijia felt justified in treating Lou Xiao as a prop only, as her backer. If there were any problems, she would always go to trouble Lou Xiao, which made the readers a little dumbfounded.

When Lou Xiao said he wanted to help, he had meant giving her a house and a job. But she had the guts to leak Lou Xiao’s company’s secrets and take the research results to the male lead as an opportunity to reconcile with the male lead and help him tide over the difficulties. In the book, Lou Xiao provided gold fingers for the heroine, and existed to become a grindstone for the male lead. In the end, he looked back at the warmth that Zhao Sijia’s mother gave him, and didn’t call the police to take care of this matter. He just cut off his contact with Zhao Sijia.

However, Huo Ming had always targeted him due to his jealousy, robbing him of business, grabbing his research results and suppressing him.

This kind of plot made people think that if the main lead were to be substituted with Lou Xiao, he would be worthy. Especially when the book said that Lou Xiao was influenced by his childhood, which caused people’s hearts to break for him. He grew up in an orphanage alone, relied on scholarships to study, and started a company on his own. He did not fall behind Huo, and his abilities were definitely above Huo Ming. People like him were more likeable than the male protagonist. Why did the female protagonist hurt him so much?

Readers roasted too much, and Lou Xiao’s role was also included in those columns. For that reason, Huo Wei transmigrated to reverse the tragedy that she, as a female cannon fodder, had to go through, as well as to help Lou Xiao in passing to avoid hazards. She must not let him be pitted between the fight of the female and male lead.

 Huo Wei felt that the name Lou Xiao was very familiar, so familiar that… it seemed to be carved in her soul, but she couldn’t remember anything no matter however hard she tried, so might as well just forget about it. She carefully watched the plot several times, confirming that the original owner’s tragedy had nothing to do with Lou Xiao, before proceeding to understand her current predicament. 

She had transmigrated to the year when Zhao Sijia had come to the Huo’s house for one year. She and Zhao Sijia had just graduated. Huo Ming would take Zhao Sijia on a graduation trip, which was also done in passing to make up for the graduation trip that he had missed.

Knowing this, the original owner would have wanted to join too. She had also graduated and she and Huo Ming were twins so why couldn’t they travel together?

Right now, Huo Ming and Zhao Sijia were not yet lovers, and the original owner had not noticed their feelings. She was only angry that Huo Ming treated Zhao Sijia better than her. Were’t they siblings? Were’t they twins? Shouldn’t twins be the closest people in the world?

Huo Ming had no reason to reject the original owner, and Cui Jing also ordered him to take his sister. So the three of them traveled to the seaside city together.

The original owner watched Huo Ming and Zhao Sijia riding speedboats, flyboarding,  having such a good time. But when she tried to do them, their smiles faded, as if she had obstructed them, and she felt uncomfortable.

She didn’t know how to swim, but Huo Ming never took care of her, only cared about Zhao Sijia. What kind of brother was he? So she deliberately chose a mountain climbing activity. She knew that they didn’t like mountain climbing, so she wanted to make them unhappy.

There was a large forest at the foot of the mountain. After climbing the mountain, it’s not easy for them to go down. They were all tired. As a result of the continuous rain, the stone roads were very slippery and it took great effort just to walk.

Huo Ming walked in the front, Zhao Sijia walked in the middle, and the original owner followed at the end. When turning the corner around a big tree, Zhao Sijia pushed aside the branch in front of her face, and when she let go, the branch lashed out straight to the original owner’s face! The original owner hurriedly dodged it, but when she leaned back, the soles of her feet slipped, the back of her head hit the rock hard and her ankle was twisted.

She was dizzy and had blurred vision at the time and just wanted to slow down. As a result, when Zhao Sijia abruptly pulled her up, her ankle throbbed painfully, and she reflexively pushed Zhao Sijia.

Huo Ming turned the corner first before and didn’t see the original owner fall. Hearing movements behind him he came back just to see the original owner push down Zhao Sijia and asked the original owner to apologize without asking.

According to the plot, the original owner had a big quarrel with them, and was thrown away by them. Her phone fell into a puddle, and she lost her way in the woods with no way of going out. She was in a state of anxiety all night, but luckily on the second day, she was discovered by a climber and was taken to the hospital.

Of course, the original owner couldn’t accept that she has been treated unfairly. She constantly lashed out at Zhao Sijia, saying that she had used a branch to hurt her and never let go of that matter. Zhao Sijia fled from the Huo’s house. Zhao Sijia said that she had never touched a tree branch and couldn’t bear being wronged, so she moved out of the Huo’s house.

Huo Tingwei and Huo Ming were therefore more disgusted with the original owner, and went home less frequently. The original owner successfully drove Zhao Sijia out of the house, but was thoroughly at the losing side.

Huo Wei now had a complete memory of the original owner and empathized with the original owner’s emotions. The original owner has admired her brother since she was a child, and was proud of having such a good brother. Now being treated like this by him, the feeling of being wronged choked her up. 

Subjective cognition led to emotions. When Huo Wei sorted out all the memories, it had a considerable impact on her emotions. Even though their souls had been switched, her feelings hadn’t. She could feel that her emotions were not as strong as when she had faced Huo Ming just now.

She asked the system, “Will the original owner’s emotions always affect me?”

”No, this effect will be gradually reduced. It will depend on the length of time and the degree of tendency of your subjective thinking.”

Huo Wei thought for a while. This should mean that if the original owner was particularly emotional, she would be affected a bit more deeply. If the original owner was emotionless, she would not be affected at all. And as she became the original owner for a longer time and her thoughts became more dominant, this influence would gradually fade. But this didn’t matter, as long as it’s influence wasn’t strong enough, she wanted to use her own natural instinct to complete her task. 

But to do the task, she had to go back to the city first. She was wearing short sleeves, the light rain kept falling, and it got colder and colder. She still had some mild concussion symptoms, and her ankle was throbbing painfully. In the woods, where her cries of help were ineffective, she felt miserable.

She must go to the hospital as soon as possible.

Huo Wei supported herself using the tree trunk to stand up and it took her half a day to find the original owner’s small backpack in the puddle. She took out her mobile phone and found that she couldn’t turn it on and she didn’t know how long it had been soaked in water. She collapsed at once. She was stuck in such a sticky situation!  

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