Rebirth of a Star General: Chapter 45

He’s changed

Translator: Sylph
Editor: Emme

The color of the night was like the thick ink in a picture scroll, and the stars were like embellishments, shining in it, along with the sound of the wind making the scene a bit poetic.

The man with beautiful eyebrows and straight eyes raised his head to look at the young boy seriously. Looking at the picture alone, it was a beautiful scene.

He Yan was silent.

Xiao Jue spoke with a faint voice, “Your name is He Yan?”

He Yan was shocked and blurted out, “I’m already so famous?”

She thought among the people in barracks; she was not good enough to alarm the general. How could even Xiao Jue know her?

Xiao Jue sneered, “The last runner from the weight-bearing run, and a person who can’t even draw the bow.” He looked down at the top of He Yan’s hair, condescendingly, and understated, “Still so short, among the people in the barracks, I can’t think of anyone else.”

He Yan, “…”


In an instant, she seemed to be back at the time when she first met Xiao Jue at Xian Chang Hall, and Xiao Jue gave her a character evaluation: stupid and short.

Unexpectedly, after a change of body, Xiao Jue saw her, but he still said this? He was really as always, so arrogant, and unkind. Looking at him in this way, the indifference brought about by growing up into a young man, with the impression of excellence from almost a mean teenager.

He Yan was naturally aggrieved too. To tell the truth, she cannot be called “short” among women. Only in a barracks full of sturdy men, she appears weak as a chicken. But it’s no wonder. When she was He Yan, she was a little taller than now, and after He Ru fei replaced her, others did not think that General Fei Hong was short. But now, she can’t put cushions in her shoes to appear tall.

While she was immersed in her thoughts, unpredictably Xiao Jue took another step closer, so the distance between her and her was a little too close.

He Yan was stunned in place.

His eyes were beautifully shaped, clear, and gentle. When he looked at her with his eyes downcast, it gave one the illusion, as if he was looking at a lover. His skin was also very white, more crystal clear than Miss He, and his eyebrows were more and more picturesque. The blue silk was tied up and hung on his shoulders. It also looks cool, with a hint of Yuelin fragrance. making people really want to touch it.

He Yan thought to herself that the fairy riding the deer would turn around ashamed if she saw this person. It’s no wonder why so many women in the capital’s spring boudoir dreamed of this nobleman, facing him, one could never get tired of this face for a lifetime.

“What are you thinking about?” He asked indifferently.

“Thinking about what I should eat to look as good as you.” He Yan replied.

His movements became stiff. He stopped making his way closer as if he had verified some results. He looked away and muttered: “Boring.”

He didn’t even curse? He Yan was surprised. She thought that Xiao Jue was going to use out the military order to scold her, but it suddenly became clear to her that Xiao Jue hadn’t identified her yet. Xiao Jue has not yet. According to common sense, she should not “know” who he is, so she can only be like a stranger who accidentally bumped into her practicing in this area.

“What’s so boring about it?” He Yan blew out her forehead hair and said in a daunting voice, “Everyone has a desire for beauty.”

Xiao Jue paused and looked at her fixedly as if looking at a dead person. He Yan stared back fearlessly. He probably never had seen a person like her. Xiao Jue was also startled. After a while, he seemed to sneer, turned, and strode away, leaving He Yan alone in the practice field.

He Yan discovered something.

Xiao Jue’s temperament is colder than before, but it is also better than before. In the past, when he became angry with her, he could sarcastically answer ten or eight sentences without repetition, but now he just glanced at her and didn’t want to talk to her. She didn’t dare to provoke Xiao Jue back then, but now the noble second son of the Xiao family disdains the tit-for-tat confrontation with others as she did when she was a child. Doesn’t that mean she can casually piss Xiao Jue to death and avenge the damage he did to her heart back then?

The Gods are fair, she thought, and came out with “The wheel of fortune is finally turning to my house.”


After Xiao Jue left, He Yan pulled/draw the crossbow for another half an hour, and went back to sleep when her hands were so sore that she couldn’t tolerate it. The next morning, she woke up a little later, and Mak pushed her, 

“Brother he, get up.”

Only then did He Yan opened her eyes.

When it comes to human bodies, they are really different. When she was a teenager, no matter how late she practiced the sword secretly in the middle of the night, she could still go to listen to her husband’s lecture the next day energetically. Now it’s just a night, and it’s not too late, but still, she felt exhausted all over.

Could it be that her last life was really hard life, He Yan reflected on herself like this.

Introspection returns to introspection, what should be done is still to be done. Today, as usual, she started running with sandbags. After running, everyone consciously went to the back of the practice field with the recruits in the team to prepare for the archery.

The crossbow has been put up long ago, and the coolness of the night was gone in the daytime, and the daylight was a little dazzling. Instructor Liang stood beside the crossbow, and the recruits went to try the bows one by one. Compared with yesterday, the recruits were not so excited, and their technique was a lot more stable. There were fewer shots that resulted in the mess, at least they were all aimed at the target.

Hong Shan also went to shoot, and he shot better than yesterday. Shi still won the praise of Instructor Liang. Although Mak’s hand strength wasn’t great, he was not very bad, and because Shi, his brother, was there to give him advice, he made significant progress.

He Yan saw Wang Ba again.

Wang Ba stepped forward unhurriedly, before drawing the bow, he even gave He Yan a contemptuous look. He Yan replied with a smile that seemed to irritate him. He immediately sank his face, drawing the bow and shooting arrows without thinking.

With a “swish”, the feather arrow pierced the air and passed straight through the grass target. It was almost the same picture as yesterday. The grass target was taken forward and fell down.

The recruits around immediately applauded. People here always worship the strong.

Wang Ba put down his bow, walked to He Yan, and said aggressively, “It’s your turn.” He deliberately raised his voice so that everyone around could hear, “You couldn’t draw your bow yesterday, in front of everyone you said you would be able to draw it today. Brother He Yan, let us see, how will you draw the bow, how about it?”

For a moment, all eyes turned to He Yan.

He Yan’s name was almost known to the entire barracks. Everyone knows that there is a recruit under Instructor Liang, who can’t even pull/draw the bow, and dares to speak ruthlessly. Seeing the real person at this moment, they all looked at He Yan, waiting to see what was going on.

“Brother He…” Mak timidly pulled the corner of her clothes.

He Yan smiled at him and slowly walked out. She met Wang Ba’s unkind smile, with an open expression and a humble tone, “It must be hard for brother to remember my words so clearly.”

“You want to see it so much, I’ll let you see.” She said lightly.

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