Rebirth of a Star General

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Title: Rebirth of a Star General / Rebirth of a Female Star General / 重生之女将星

Author: Qian Sha Cha Ke / 千山茶客


The ancient saying goes: Most generals come from Guan Xi, while ministers come from Guan Dong.

He Yan was born to be a Star General.

She was merely a stepping stone for her family, and was used as her brother’s substitute. She had fought on the battlefields for years, bringing peace to Xi Qiang, stopping the barbarians… When her brother recovered, she gave up her position with great laurels brought to her name. Without further ado, she was married off.

During her married life, she was forsaken by her husband and even suffered from a strange illness, thereby losing her eyesight…

The young and pretty concubine stood in front of her, speaking softly: “The decoction you had drunk that made you blind, was instructed to be send to you by the elders of your family. But as you know, the dead tell no tales. If you live, you will be your family’s greatest threat!”

A great general of her time, the heroine of the country, died pitifully in the hands of those shameless women, who only knew to fight for a man’s favor… How absurd!

When she opened her eyes again, she had become the drill fields officer’s daughter, who was weak and arrogant, innocent and naive.

They had stolen her glory, taken her life, led her army and betrayed her feelings! She had crawled back from the depths of hell and would take back everything she had lost, one by one.

Bring the world under her feet and with her beauty and nobility, overwhelm the nine prefectures!

But would she get out easily once she entered the barracks?

Hardly did she begin her adventures when He Yan met her arch-enemy of the previous lifetime, that young hunk whose “enemies would retreat as soon as he attacked”.

The chic and cool female general versus the handsome and ravenous young man. Two efficient generals team up to conquer the world!


Chapter 1 – The Female General
Chapter 2 – Siblings
Chapter 3 – I will show you how to chop
Chapter 4 – Going Up the Hill
Chapter 5 – Poverty
Chapter 6 – Derision
Chapter 7 – Agitation
Chapter 8 – Le Tong, the Gambling House
Chapter 9 – Dice
Chapter 10 – The Benefits of Being Blind
Chapter 11 – The Fairy Under the Moon
Chapter 12 – Becoming Rich Overnight
Chapter 13 – Humiliation
Chapter 14 – Horse-riding
Chapter 15 – Wu Ling Noble Son
Chapter 16 – Gifting a Steed
Chapter 17 – Classmates
Chapter 18 – The First Encounter
Chapter 19 – Negative People
Chapter 20 – Never Meet Again
Chapter 21 – Conscription Document
Chapter 22 – The Affair
Chapter 23 – Peach Blossom Debt
Chapter 24 – Saving a Life
Chapter 25 – Entangled
Chapter 26 – Accidental Hit
Chapter 27-Distracting Attention
Chapter 28-Late Night Drizzle
Chapter 29-Joining the Army
Chapter 30-Undressing
Chapter 31- The Xiao Family Prince
Chapter 32-The Road to Liang Zhou
Chapter 33-Arriving in Liang Zhou
Chapter 34-Making a Comeback
Chapter 35-Poor qualifications
Chapter 36-Narrow Path
Chapter 37-Repugnance
Chapter 38-Competition for Food
Chapter 39-The Weak are Preyed upon by the Strong
Chapter 40-Passing the Test
Chapter 41-Can’t Draw This Bow
Chapter 42-The Weakest in the Army
Chapter 43-Night Training
Chapter 44-When the Moon Was Bright
Chapter 45-He’s Changed